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Longest Straight

Longes Straight

After tree beautiful days in Perth we are ready for the Wicked Camping Adventure. So we went to the Wicked rental station outside of Perth. We where 15 minutes later than we told them. We arrived at 10:15 and the nightmare began!! We left the station four hours later! These fucking bastards! There was just   Weiter lesen →

Nomad Surf Resort Bali is a really cool place. Even if your knee is not that good to do kitesurfing. The staff is great and the food is amazing. Jake is a cool surf dude which did the best to make our stay as comfortable as possible. Nadine had a good time while learning kitesurfing.   Weiter lesen →

I have found some time to work on our website. As you read this you may have seen the new possibility to select and read blog entries of the different countries we have visited. You also could choose the blog entries who are written in english by clicking the link at the top bar menu.   Weiter lesen →

First post in english, so Yalu our AirBnB host from Melaka can see what we are writing about his nice bridge street cafe & loft. Melaka is a nice town with some sights like the clock tower, chicken rice balls, jonker street, the oldest chinese temple and of course the bridge street cafe and loft!   Weiter lesen →